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About us

Who we are

We are a multicultural family church in the heart of East London. At the centre of our church is the preaching and worship of the risen Jesus Christ. It is God’s desire to see His church bring glory to Him.

Gateway Church is part of the  Evangelical Alliance and an Ichthus Link Church.

As a church we... to know God more deeply

We seek to learn more about who God is and His love towards us. As a church with charismatic roots we believe in the miraculous and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Prayer is vital for us individually and together as a church. We believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is integrated into all aspects of the life of the church and underpins all other activity.


We worship God through the reading and preaching of God’s word, singing and celebrating the breaking of bread together (communion). for one another and share life

We do this on Sundays and during the week. Our home groups are essential for us in sharing life and receiving pastoral care. Find out more. together in our community

We are involved in a number of different Leyton community projects to share Jesus’ love with our neighbours and those with various needs. Find out more.

Our church leaders



Gateway Church is led by Amarh and Ruth, who have been part of the Gateway leadership since it started. They are supported by the wider leadership team and our trustees.

Amarh worked as a probation officer for the National Probation Service in London.

Ruth works as an advanced nurse practitioner in a GP practice. They have three grown up daughters and four grandchildren.


Amarh and Ruth are supported in their role by two couples in the church who they regularly meet with. Furthermore they are accountable to the wider leadership team.

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